Whirlpool mit Teelichtern und kleinen Sektflaschen am Beckenrand

Bathing pleasure in the wellness hotel

From hop oil to rose blossom

A full bath is not only worthwhile in winter when it is cold and uncomfortable outside. With the ingredients you determine the effect on your body - detoxifying, calming, soothing.

Or enjoy the bath for two in the partner tub.

Cleopatra bath

(approx. 20 MIN)

with milk and honey, accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine.

EUR 39,00

Hop oil bath

(approx. 20 MIN)

Soothing bath with valuable hop extracts, regenerating muscles and joints, accompanied by a Bavarian wheat beer.

EUR 39,00

Prosecco bath

(approx. 20 MIN)

Come to rest and relax with a glass of Prosecco, the fruity, tart Prosecco bath.

EUR 39,00

Bathing dream for two - butterfly bath (approx. 45 min)

Enjoy togetherness with natural fragrance essences and in a romantic atmosphere. This bathing experience is rounded off with Prosecco and fresh fruit.

EUR 89.00