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Our massages

Classic, hot stone and full body

A massage often works wonders. It relieves tension and helps reduce stress. Special massages such as foot reflexology stimulate the body's self-healing powers.

Classic massage

(approx. 25 MIN)

Targeted classic massage techniques allow your muscles to become productive again. Releases blockages and increases well-being.

EUR 39,00 

Relaxing massage

(approx. 25 MIN)

This relaxing, gentle partial body massage creates a deep feeling of well-being

EUR 39,00

Aroma massage

(approx. 50 MIN)

Relaxing, gentle full-body massage with care products tailored specifically to your needs, such as citrus oil, orange oil, lavender oil or rose oil.
Choose a scent based on your individual needs and preferences.

EUR 69,00

Head massage

(approx. 30 MIN)

The balancing massage technique puts you in a deep state of letting go and being relaxed. During this special experience you will find complete relaxation and can simply let your soul unwind.

EUR 49,00

Foot reflexology massage

(approx. 40 MIN)

All areas of the body can be found as reflex zones on our feet. The pressure of defined foot zones influences internal organs and body systems via reflexes. The body's own reserves and vitality are thereby mobilized.

EUR 59,00

Full body massage

(approx. 60 MIN)

Switch off with our pampering full-body massage. Let yourself be carried away into a world of deep relaxation. This massage brings your body and mind back into harmony.

EUR 79,00

Hot stone massage

(approx. 60 MIN)

Harmony and energy through the power of stones. Warm stones and flowing massage techniques allow the soothing warmth to penetrate deep into the body and warm it from the inside. The intensive effect of the stones stimulates the energy centers, relieves tension and ensures a healthy balance of body, mind and soul. This Indian massage ritual brings body and soul back into harmony.

EUR 109,00

Herb stamp massage

(approx. 60 MIN)

The fragrant herbal stamp stimulates the metabolism, relaxes the muscles and pampers the skin and senses. A holistic feel-good experience. You can take the herbal stamps home with you after use.

EUR 109,00