Gestapelte Steine, Ölkännchen und Kerze auf einem Tablett

Peelings & Packs

Special treatments for your well-being

A peeling removes dead skin cells and optimally prepares the skin for an oil treatment or a bath in the sun.

Use nature's active ingredients optimally for purification, detoxification and activation of the metabolism.

Full body peeling

(approx. 40 MIN)

Flowing strokes with our body peelings leave your skin with a fresh, tingling and pleasant feeling, for silky, soft, well-groomed skin. Depending on your skin needs, choose:

Saline salt peeling: supports skin metabolism and connective tissue
New Skin Peeling: Anti-aging effect for mature skin
Citrus peeling: has a revitalizing and refreshing effect

EUR 59,00

Oil coating

(approx. 40 MIN)

This extensive treatment takes you into other spheres. Enjoy the nourishing full-body oil treatment with sensitive hands.

EUR 49,00

Natural mud pack for the back

(approx. 20 MIN)

This heat and active ingredient therapy is used to relieve back pain.

EUR 35,00

Natural mud pack for the back and joints

(approx. 40 MIN)

This heat and active ingredient therapy is used to relieve pain in the musculoskeletal system.

EUR 55,00

Seaweed pack

(approx. 60 MIN)

Your skin metabolism is stimulated and detoxification is promoted. The result is a visibly clear contour of the skin and the strengthening of the connective tissue. Your body feels visibly more nourished and your cells are supplied with energy.

EUR 89,00