Important information for your conference


Our hotel-owned underground parking garage with adjoining outdoor parking lot offers approximately 220 parking spaces.

Processing costs

In the case of special requests for invoicing, processing costs may be incurred depending on the effort involved.

Personnel costs

Please note that after 24:00 - 02:00 a fee of € 40.00 per employee / hour will be charged for requested and desired personnel. From 02:00 - 05:00 a fee of € 50.00 per employee / hour applies.

Conversion costs

A conversion of rooms within a certain period of time initiated by the organizer will be charged separately at € 500.00 - € 700.00, depending on the effort involved. For changes on site at short notice, which are associated with a conversion, costs may be incurred depending on the effort involved.

Exhibition costs

For your exhibition space we charge € 4.00 per m² exhibition fee. (pure exhibition space)


W-LAN with a bandwidth of up to 25 Mbit/s is available free of charge in the entire hotel area.


The hotel reserves the right to change rooms in case of differing numbers of persons. The hotel is not obliged to offer the prices mentioned here again.

Complaints after the event are not possible.

Swimming pool and fitness area

For our house guests the use of the bathing area and the fitness area is free of charge.

For appointments and price information for cosmetic treatments and massages, please contact The Monrach Spa Team at direct dial 980.


The Monarch Hotel operates in a sustainable manner and we would like to ask you to support us in this endeavor. Please plan your event to be as resource efficient as possible and we will be happy to help. Great potential savings lie in travel, waste and paper usage. Please be conscious of printouts and encourage your participants/guests to carpool. Furthermore, we would appreciate if you do not distribute individually packaged giveaways to your participants/guests in order to avoid waste.