Das Ausflugsziel Hopfenfeld in Niederbayern

Beautiful Lower Bavaria: Excursions & Attractions around Bad Gögging

Take the time for a trip to the Altmühl and Danube valley

Bad Gögging is much more than a spa town in Lower Bavaria. Excursion destinations for every occasion can be found in our globally unique cultural landscape all around: the Altmühl and Danube valleys with their traditional hop gardens and asparagus fields, plus the numerous sights and landmarks that turn the region into a real insider tip for recreation, health, culture and activities.

The many sights and excursion destinations are, in addition to the proximity to the Danube, also decisive for the fact that the location has become increasingly popular for conferences and business events in recent years. After all, a successful conference also needs the right supporting program.

Sulphur springs & Limes Therme: Did you actually know...

... that Bad Gögging is one of the oldest bathing resorts not only in Bavaria but in the whole of Germany? Already the Celts knew the Gögging sulfur springs and used them for their mysterious spring cults. Besides the sulfur water, the remedies natural moor and thermal water can be found in Bad Gögging.

With the Bad Gögginger Limes-Therme the highlight of our place is nearby. There you can experience the beneficial effects of the water up close.

Healing power of the sulfur springs


Events at the hotel

Your stay at the Monarch Hotel Bad Gögging is guaranteed not to be boring. We regularly organize events on a wide variety of topics. Take a look at our current calendar of events.

Excursion destinations in Lower Bavaria, reachable in <30 minutes

Take the time for a trip to the Altmühltal and Donautal

Lower Bavaria is full of tradition and every town tells its own eventful story. Accordingly, many smaller towns are also great destinations for excursions. You can reach the following places by car in less than 30 minutes:

City of Abensberg

Abensberg may only be a town of 14,000 souls, but there is plenty to see: In addition to the historic town center, the famous Maderturm tower and the traditional Kuchlbauer brewery deserve special mention.

8 kilometer / 10 minutes


Brewery Kuchlbauer






Ausflugsziel Kastell Abusina in Niederbayern aus der Vogelperspektive

Roman fort Eining

Eining is a district of Neustadt an der Donau and is home to one of the most impressive remains of the Roman Empire in Bavaria. The Roman military camp Castell Abusina is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4 kilometers / 6 minutes

Castell Abusina






City of Kelheim

Kelheim is especially known for the Liberation Hall, one of the most important landmarks in Lower Bavaria. In addition, the city itself is also very worth seeing and the stalactite cave Schulerloch is a popular destination when it rains, or when the weather does not play along.

16 kilometers / 20 minutes

City of Kelheim & County of Kelheim

Impressions of the Kelheim

Liberation Hall

Dripstone cave Schulerloch






Weltenburg Monastery

Between Bad Gögging and Kehlheim awaits the Weltenburg Monastery. In the style of Bavarian Benedictine abbeys, the building looks very impressive and guided tours through the monastery are also highly interesting.

10 kilometers / 12 minutes

Weltenburg Monastery

Prunn Castle

Prunn Castle sits majestically on a steep limestone cliff, four kilometers from Riedenburg. A guided tour of this excursion destination is also worthwhile.

25 kilometers / 25 minutes

Prunn Castle


Regensburg is not in Lower Bavaria, but in the Bavarian administrative district of Upper Palatinate, but the connection for a trip is ideal. Via the A93 you are there from the hotel in just under a quarter of an hour and the visit is almost a must. Regensburg is one of the oldest cities in Bavaria and is full of sights that date back to Roman times.

50 kilometers / 40 minutes







Blick über die Stadt, dem Ausflugsziel in Niederbayern


The car city of Ingolstadt is also not within the borders of Lower Bavaria, but it is only a 30-minute drive away. Especially recommended: The Audi Forum.

30 kilometers / 30 minutes


Audi / Audi-Forum


With about 3000 m², the Altmühltal is the second largest nature park in Bavaria, it spans five administrative districts, including Lower Bavaria. Excursion destinations, hiking trails, cycling routes and much more can be found here en masse.

Nature park Altmühltal

Boat trips on the Donau

You feel like an unforgettable boat trip. On the Donau there are many possibilities for tours worth seeing: Under the following link you will find our tips.


Das Hopfenland im Hallertau mit einem schönen Feldweg umgeben von grüner Natur gilt als schönes Ausflugsziel in Niederbayern.


The Hallertau is an important part of Bavaria's cultural heritage. The large hop-growing region supplies numerous breweries in the Free State with the essential ingredient for beer production.

40 kilometers / 45 minutes

Hop country Hallertau






Cities in Bavaria, reachable in 1-2 hours

So far, we have only shown you the excursion destinations that are close to our hotel. But if you have some time with you, we can definitely recommend the larger cities in Lower Bavaria. Various museums, fantastic landscapes, sights and cultural events are waiting for you in less than two hours.


50 kilometers / 50 minutes

Landau on the Isar River

90 kilometer / 1 hour


115 kilometers / 1 hour : 20 minutes


170 kilometers / 2 hours


170 kilometers / 2 hours


What's going on in the neighborhood? The following links will help you: